About Terry

Terry bio brick blue smTerry enjoys writing most science fiction, specifically alternate near-term (not-too-distant) futures or distant (utopian and dystopian) futures. But when the mood strikes and time is available, occasionally will delve into the human condition.

Terry was classically trained with a B.S. in aerospace engineering and a Masters degree in Guidance, Navigation & Control Theory with an emphasis on neural-network simulation. He has worked for NASA since 1997 with a very satisfying career as an engineer and project manager spanning programs from space stations navigation software, to next generation space suit design, to exploration mission planning, to mitigating the effects of space on astronauts. While supporting the manned space program has been a life-time passion, writing of different worlds and alternate futures has filled his spare time.

Please stay a while, look around and come back frequently to read any blogs or announcements to upcoming book releases!

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