Changeling by Vaun Murphrey – Book Review

ChangelingThe latest novel by author Vaun Murphrey, “Changeling” is a new and exciting adventure of the chimera heroines from the first book of The Weaver Series, “Chimera”.

“Changeling” takes the continuing storyline and character development of Cassandra and Silver to a new and different place, solidly landing the series into the science fiction genre. Murphrey’s world building and alien cultural development is refreshingly reminiscent of the subtle but important details one experiences when reading Butler’s “Lilith’s Brood”.

As you follow the young heroines through the book it not only engages you as a reader, but also spurs memories of your youth and how you might have reacted had you found yourself 14, alone on an alien planet, and with unknown forces tenaciously trying to kill you. Murphrey is gaining momentum and is an author to watch!

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