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Adamarby Terry R. Hill

It’s not often these days that you run across new fusion of genres that really works well. I finished reading Adamar by Scot C. Morgan recently and it lives up to such a distinction.

The book opens with the reader being introduced to a character named Adamar the Magnificent in what appears to be an AA meeting attended by those who have given up, but have forgotten to quit showing up to the meetings. For all intents and purposes the thirty-something Adamar is a washed-out magician who has allowed alcohol take over his life. The story quickly jumps to scenes introducing other characters, their histories and relationship which will prove important as the story progresses. 

We are introduced to Carl the astrophysicist keeping watch for a beam phenomena from space which occurred when he was very young and they wait for it to occur again; to Woeden, a barkeep who tells wonderful stories of his conquests and battles that keep the clientele amused and endeared to him; to a company watchmen, Tolev, who seems to be a tad bit sadistic for his own good.

Right as we are getting to know these characters and their lives, suddenly we are turned on our head when elements of real magic and creatures of fantasy occur here in 21st century Earth as the long awaited beam reappears. Through a series of events resembling six degrees of separation, these very disparate characters are brought together and are taken to the far reaches of a science-fiction universe and others

The book is easy to read, has good pacing and will leave you feeling satisfied, having enjoyed a good story.

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