Telepathy in Humans

telephathy galaxy Okay, I guess I should first say that the genesis of this piece is due to a discussion I was invited into by my editor, Todd Barselow, who likes to throw these types of topics over the fence to me from time to time just to watch me geek-out. Knowing I can’t resist, I think he finds it amusing to get me engaged in technically discussing the feasibility of obscure ideas.

The question put forward was, “Will telepathy be the next functional evolutionary step for humans?” Many of those involved in the discussion thought it possible and probable (via evolution) and that it would be exceptionally cool and game-changing when it happens. And some even thought that some individuals already have this capability in today’s world. As you read a little further, I think you may be surprised to learn, as was I, what I concluded once I started following the breadcrumbs left by science and society.

While I am not addressing whether or not people have this ability today naturally, I will simply say, “Let’s look at what we know, what science tells us, and go from there.” So, hold on to your boots, and let’s first take a stroll through the land of biology.

Biology tells us (and I will not even address the religious sector and associated views on creation and evolution), and for grins we’ll say that some form of evolution is why we’re all sitting around our computers right now contemplating this very topic, that every function and capability of every life form on Earth is here because of some manifestation of successful evolution that helped ensure the propagation of the respective species. Most evolutionary mutations are thought to be due to successfully keeping one’s self from being eaten or having helped one chase down and eat the slower, weaker members of the species. Of equal importance is increasing one’s chances of successfully propagating one’s own genetic material. Other than that, any mutations that occurred and have persisted would have to have been random and at no cost to the host, or at least the negative effects do not manifest until after the age of propagation.

The last major driver of evolution, or successful mutations, comes in the form of a response to the environment where you’re just trying to survive so that you can even think about chasing down your next meal or propagating.

So, taking these well-established observations into account, we can now look at the human body and the possibilities of our species developing the capability of telepathy. But first, shouldn’t we consider what telepathy is? Thoughts transmitted from one person to another without touching or communicating via eye contact, communication technology or speech. So that leaves communicating via the energy spectrum higher than visible light, or energy waves longer than infrared light, subatomic physics and magic (souls speaking to souls falls in the latter category).Waves of thoughtAlso, let’s look at the astounding work of Mother Nature. After 14 billion years, to the best of our knowledge, she has produced not one single life form (and I’ll only speak to those in existence today) that can communicate in any energy frequency higher than that of ultra-violet light. Why is that? Well for one, it requires producing more energy than is thought possible via mitochondrial processes. Additionally, the energies at those levels that are energetic enough to penetrate the skin to get to the sensing organelle would be damaging to tissue—UV light, sun burn, ouch. And to look at the other end of the spectrum, you have infrared, microwave, radio, long waves from sound waves and theoretical gravity waves. While we know that whales and other animals communicate using very low sound frequencies below what we can hear, and some animals even use the sound and vibrations of sound through the ground to communicate. But we don’t have any examples of any communicating via micro- or radio waves and certainly not via gravitons!

So in looking at nature as she stands, we would have to learn how to communicate at the very high frequencies at the risk of frying our brains or at the very low frequencies, having to apply to the FCC to get our thought channels licensed and install rabbit ears on our heads. Of course there is always the solution via quantum physics and magic, but we might as well add walking on water and solving world peace to the wish list.

telepathy_oldHowever, there is hope for all of you who wish to beam your thoughts into my head! There is evidence that the complexity of life (specifically of the chromosomal complexity) on Earth since the beginning of days has been increasing at a logarithmic rate similar to Moore’s Law (a theory really). If you would like to know more about this topic, you can read my piece titled My Great-Grandfather was an Extra-Terrestrial – Chromosomal Complexity Is Older than Earth. So that would imply that the genetic complexity of life on Earth will in all likelihood will continue to become more complex—hopefully it will be us that benefits and not some mega-brainiac, über-cockroach or some soul sucking GMO soy plant (thanks to Monsanto) that eats Manhattan.

Some might argue that we are approaching our own genetic singularity where we become an entirely different species due to superior traits through manipulation, or out of necessity due to pollution or lack of food and water. I’ll run with the more positive of the two scenarios where we are proactive in “improving” our genome and will argue we are already on the path for developing the capability for human telepathy. Yep, we’re already well down the road …

Remember what I was saying earlier about the frequencies that would be required? Now let’s look at our smart phones of today. Through technology that translates our voice, video, texts, emails, FB posts, and twitters into a language that can be sent wirelessly via radio waves to another devise that decodes it and puts it in a format that your brain can make sense; e.g. the receiver’s phone, we have the astounding capability of rapid and dense communication today.

During my short lifetime we have progressed from being tethered by a phone connected to the wall, transmitting the signal via endless miles of copper lines via electrical conduction and sending thoughts via snail mail on paper, to an age where I can send my rapid-fire thoughts to millions within seconds and have the collective knowledge of the entire world at my fingertips! All of this can be done today wirelessly, and all via a relatively low-power and compact technology which continues to shrink daily.

telepathygreenI would dare guess that as we make these technologies smaller it will become fashionable to have them implanted in our body so that you can speed up your tweeting by merely thinking about it. Additionally, there is ongoing research in augmented reality where user-defined information is overlaid on reality as we know it providing potentially any information, from identifiable information of the people you pass on the street to the menus of the restaurants you drive by on your way home after work. And even today there is research on bio-feedback that allow people to control everything from computer cursors, to remote-controlled toy helicopters, to artificial limbs—all through thought—and there’s progress being made daily on those fronts.

telepathyAdditionally, it is not that much of a stretch to see how the technology will become more and more “biological” and less “non-bio” as we learn to interface it more efficiently with our bodies. And there my friends, we now have telepathy in humans. It might not happen in our lifetimes, but I’ll guarantee our great grand kids will see it—assuming we don’t wipe ourselves out before then. Smilie: :-)

It was a long journey, and thanks for hanging in there, but now you see how we can-and-will credibly develop and evolve by our own hands in such a way that humans can communicate telepathically; all the time staying within the accepted laws of physics and evolution!


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