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Telepathy in Humans

Okay, I guess I should first say that the genesis of this piece is due to a discussion I was invited into by my editor, Todd Barselow, who likes to throw these types of topics over the fence to me … Continue reading

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My Great-Grandfather was an Extra-Terrestrial – Chromosomal Complexity Is Older than Earth

The other day I stumbled across a thread in one of NASA’s internal discussion forums where a few engineers were debating the finer points of a recent article in the MIT Technology Review that discussed a paper recently published titled,┬áLife … Continue reading

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Warp Drive – Brought to you by … NASA?

Recently, after the following article surfaced talking about NASA’s effort with Warp Drive, I received several questions regarding the technology and if NASA was really that close to its development.┬áThe wide interest has prompted me to provide a response to … Continue reading

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